Release History

0.5.2 2/7/05
0.5.1 14/6/05
0.5 30/5/05
0.4 24/3/05
0.3 25/2/05
0.2 22/2/05

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Release 0.6.1 -

fix Improved performance when unpacking the Ant build files from a jar embedded in the installer. Thanks to Jarl Stefansson and his team for the patch. johndavidtaylor
add Improved the helloworld example to show how Ant properties can be used in velocity. Thanks to Robert Gal for this. johndavidtaylor
add Made Java 1.5 compatible. johndavidtaylor
add Upgraded to latest version of Ant johndavidtaylor
fix Minor fix to Splashscreen timer johndavidtaylor

Release 0.5.2 - 2/7/05

fix Renamed the antigen-installer.jar to antigen-source-installer.jar as it's more descriptive. johndavidtaylor
fix Stopped the display of the splash screen in text-only mode. johndavidtaylor

Release 0.5.1 - 14/6/05

fix A missing class in the antigen-generated installers was preventing hyperlinks opening a browser. Thanks to Will Lovins for pointing this out. Fixes 1220675. johndavidtaylor
fix Bottom banner is now centred, so it looks better when the window is resized. Removed BuildLog text from build log window. johndavidtaylor

Release 0.5 - 30/5/05

add Users can now display a s imple splash screen. This is handy to cover up the (sometimes long) delay while Antigen is unpacking build files. johndavidtaylor
add Properties set in the Antigen file can now be overridden with the -A switch. Fixes 1211291. johndavidtaylor
add Antigen unzips the jar file containing the build file into a temporary directory, which is then deleted on termination of the build. This is probably the behaviour you want for an installer, but in other situations you might want to specify the directory. There is now an option in the build config to allow you to do this. Thanks again to Frederic Glorieux for this enhancement. Fixes 1187661. johndavidtaylor
add Now can specify finer control over java logging level, and set the default value in the config file. Similarly, can specify a separate value fot the Ant output level. Thanks to Frederic Glorieux for this. Fixes 1187620. johndavidtaylor
fix Fix to "thin file chooser" bug. Thanks to Frederic Glorieux for this. Fixes 1192526. johndavidtaylor
add Hyperlinks in InfoPanes will now open a browser if possible. Thanks to browserlauncherfor this. johndavidtaylor
fix Can now supply more than one property on the commandline johndavidtaylor
fix Build logger text is now limited to 40000 chars to avoid OutOfMemory problems. johndavidtaylor
fix Build logger text is now buffere d for greater efficiency. Thanks to Frederic Glorieux for this. johndavidtaylor

Release 0.4 - 24/3/05

fix Property input dialogs now wrap text if it is too long. Thanks to Martin Zeltner for this. johndavidtaylor
add Can now load saved properties from Antigen, as well as by specifying them on the commandline johndavidtaylor
add Added a target to Antigen to allow the user to add extra jar files into the installer johndavidtaylor

Release 0.3 - 25/2/05

add Antigen Tool no longer requires a config file - you just get a very basic installer if you don't supply one. johndavidtaylor
add Antigen Tool does some basic check of the config file if you supply one - checks that an resources that are referenced are present. johndavidtaylor
fix Installers now close down properly following an exception from the build script. johndavidtaylor
fix Default text title labels are now null - previously you had to explicitly nullify them in the config file if you didn't want to use them (e.g. because you were using images instead) johndavidtaylor
fix Error message dialog now wraps the error report. johndavidtaylor
fix Improved the way that the Antigen tool locates its own jar file, thus a llowing it to be run from other folders. johndavidtaylor

Release 0.2 - 22/2/05

add Included a commandline option to run the whole installer on the commandline for use when there is no graphical environment available. In this case, Antigen is little more than Ant bundled up into an executable jar, but it does still allow the user to select from a list of tasks, and the intro and outtro html pages are converted to plain text. johndavidtaylor
add Changed the logging to use JDK 1.4 logging instead of log4j. This was done simply to reduce the size of the binary rather than any preference for it. johndavidtaylor
add Only minimal debug info is sent to the console now, unless the -d switch is used on the commandline. johndavidtaylor
add Ported to Ant 1.6.2. Only the optional tasks in ant-nodeps.jar are provided by default. johndavidtaylor

Release 0.1-SNAPSHOT -

add Initial release! johndavidtaylor