Hello World example - Maven

An example antigen project showing how to create installers using Maven. The full source code can be found in CVS.

Directory Structure

The project consists of two subfolders:

|-- ant
|   |
|   |-- build.xml
|   `-- Any other resources for your ant build
`-- resources
|    |-- local-img
|    |   `-- any images for your installer
|    |
|    |-- velocitytemplates
|    |   `-- any docs for your installer, as Velocity templates
|    |
|    `--config.properties  
The ant subfolder contains all the things your Ant script needs - a build.xml, properties file etc. The resources folder contains everything specific to the installer - a config file, images for icons etc. The key to the build is the maven.xml file. This jars everything in the ant subfolder, into an ant-build.jar. Maven then builds an executable jar containing the contents of the antibody jar, the Ant jars and places the ant-build.jar and the resources inside it. The config.properties file has been edited to that these resources and the ant-build.jar can be located relative to the classpath.